Digital Printing & Advertising Solutions

Revolution of the computer changed the way of life and most of work complete with the help of Computer.

Digital printing is associated with the computer or other digital storage device as a source. Digital printing is a printing technique uses digital or electronic files send directly to the image in digital printing. InkJet prints and Laser printing are known as Digital printing.

Printing involves converting your original words or artwork into a printable form, called a printing plate, which is covered in ink and then print in the pieces of paper, card, and fabric.

Digital printing build up a whole page of text or graphics from millions of separate dots that are Controlled by your computer, Digital printing process scans from left to right across the page and back again, depositing ink as it goes and then print the page. The paper forward slightly in advances each time it reaches the end of a line, and printed the next line. There’re lots of reasons to choose digital printing services in UAE but first go through the process of it’s working;

Digital Printing Working process:

Both of the printer (InkJet and Laser printer) use to print the document file and convert soft copy into hard copy.

The print head has several tiny nozzles and the paper moves past the print head, the nozzles spray ink onto it. An inkjet printer prints several pages depending on the nature of the hard copy.

Digital printing technology substantial developments in quality and sheet sizes and grown significantly over the past few years.

The words and images that will print on the page is the document file. Digital printing begins with creation of the file or any of its components where the file is converted into a raster graphics image. A raster is a grid of x and y coordinates on a monitor that is also called display space; a raster image file identifies which of those coordinates to illuminate.

The information that is directly mapped to the display grid is known as bit map files or raster image. BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PDF, PICT are some examples of raster image file types. To prepare for digital printing, all files must be in the bit map that will guide the imaging device (laser or inkjet) to print the dots in the right place.

  • First of all a gear manages by the printer when it turns on the roller that to accept the paper through the printer.
  • Electronic circuit inside the printing press give instructions to the flexible ribbon cable to move the cartridge of the printer.  
  • A well made metal rail instructs the printer head to move back and forth within the printer.
  • There is a wheel used to clutch the paper securely without any wrinkles and move accordingly.
  • One of the most important things is cartridge of the printer fill with the printing ink and print from left to right side and right to left in the backwards position. So we can also say it bi-directional printing method.

Why to choose Premium Press for Digital Printing Services in UAE?

Digital printing introduce no pollution, non-toxic set of digital printing, sublimation of personalized it solutions to strong, news fast delivery, the production of good quality and beautiful cloth printing, printing high accuracy, careful, colour, design is rich. Digital printing and traditional printing compared with the following several aspects of the advantage:

  • It makes the original greatly shorten the process route and then single speed, proofing cost greatly reduced.
  • Digital printing technology can use for digital design, through computer to color measurement, match color, to make the digital printing product color. The principle of digital printing technology makes its products broke traditional production adjustment and can make textile fabrics of high-grade printing.
  • This printing process is different from the traditional printing and generates a technical advantage to achieve a truly small batch, fast response of the production process, the production batch without any restrictions. Digital printing production process all realization computerized digital production, so that to make the production flexibility greatly improved. Stock fed into the digital printing press from one of the four drawers.
  • It realizes low energy consumption, no pollution of the production process, to the textile printing and dyeing production brought a technology revolution. Printing results in quicker turnaround time and lower cost when using digital printing.

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