Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a method managed to digital display remotely in the form of text, images, animation, video messages etc. It is centrally managed by the remote user to transfer information using the method of projection. Basically it uses LCD and LED like projections elements to display the content either to advertise a brand or to transfer information. Museums, bus stand, air-port, stadiums, corporate houses like NSE uses this technology to display the content. Dubai International Cricket Stadium to Burj Khalifa Building, Ultimate airport Dubai to business seminar in Royal Palace everywhere we can see Digital Signage method in UAE. If we go through the survey report says that market of digital signage expected to grow over $24 Billion by 2020.

This kind of digital signage created by some dedicated and stand-alone control software with the integration of required hardware devices manages overall things with flexibility in the form of audio, video, text, and images.

For two way communication it also allow users to interact with the screen of the signage with the help of interactive interfaces like; touch screen, sensors or beacons.

Software to create a Digital Signage: Media player:

Media player software decode digital files like; images, audio, video, web pages , IPTV and visually transform it to the right tracking audience. This kind of software has ability to sync your all contents support different media players also. In the current trend of digital signage there are two operators to give you a better experience are; non-PC system refer Linux, Android like platform and other is no-PC system like Soc don’t required external player.

Content Management:

Most of the CMS (Content Management System) companies offer a user interface to upload and organize the content with the protocols of the software. But we should be careful before choosing this kind of distributed service agency directly give impacts of functionality and security.

Device Management:

Device management software deploy the part of the content is going to be used in the digital signage. You should choose a good device management platform collect information and data from the device and write it on to that.

Content Creation:

There is lots of content creation software which is used to create digital signage content in the form of text, video, audio, images, slides, tabular records, graphs, interactive con etc.

Step wise process to create a Digital Signage:

Ok, so first of all you should decide your content goal, target audience, location and form of the content. After getting all the points you can go with further process;

• Content creation is the first thing after deciding your content goal. Whether you want to create a presentation or video message you must have to collect some data related with. It is a very good practice to collect data with some references will prompt a positive impact.
• You must have to determine your hardware and software for your content to represent it to the audience as it is you want. For example; if you are going to create a data and graph you must have to use some calculation based reckoning software which also help you to create graphs for your record. In the other hand if you want to give a video message you have to go with media player, video creation and video editing software. In the same manner you choose your hardware devices also.
• Once your wireframes get confirmed we start some static mockup design roughly.
• After proper review of the mockups we need to adjust it into the dynamic figure with the help of colour, sound, animation, user interface in the whole content accordingly.
• Test it to the site where it’ll have to be represented.
• Go to the real site and implement it properly.

Some of the digital signage is not for one time, for example an information board outside to the airport shows schedule of the flights. So it should be check rapidly with a day to day management way.