Flexo Label Printing in UAE

Flexo Printing in UAE

A letterpress printing which is used a flexible plate, like; metallic film, plastic, substrate, still plate, etc for printing on it. Flexo printing uses photopolymer wind plates throughout the cylinder and well-suited to print a continual pattern. This traditional method uses different types of inks, ultraviolet, electronic beam inks, chemically-curing inks, water inks for printing.

It uses a variety of inks based on the material like plastic, foil, paper, film roll, steel or other things. Printing press speed of upto 2000 feet per minute make it high-end technology if we talk about printing press. The adorability of flexo printing create a versatile range of flexo printing press in UAE mainland too.

Flexo printing is a method involved in different kinds of printing press like;

• In-Line Press
• Common Impression Press
• Stack Press

Process of Flexo Printing:

The material to be printed passes between normal cylinder and a metal impression cylinder backs up printing when it connects to the printing plate. Be careful for the gap between plate cylinder and the polished metal impression cylinder.

Unwind and unroll process:

In the first section substrates are supplied from rolls or web must be controlled by any tool or person to stay away from wrinkles until in-feed in the printing machine.

Printing process:

Most crucial section of a press uses only one anilox roll, fountain roll, plate cylinder even only one color by default. Printing press can have two or more stations; one station for one color.

Drying process:

In this section, hot air uses by press to dry the ink used in the printing. Dryers are placed between different printing units so that each plate gets dry until another plate come.

Rewind process:

After completing overall printing process cycle will start for roll-to-roll printing.

Operational tools and equipments uses in Flexo Printing:

1. Anilox Roller:

Anilox Roller transfers inks to the printing plates mounted between plate cylinders and metal impression cylinder. It makes roller prefix for ink generation and ink control to provide a fixed thickness.

2. Fountain Roller:

Fountain roller also called metering roller are responsible to serve the ink from ink pan to the Anilox Roller.

3. Plate Cylinder:

It holds flexible rubber like plate material and magnets and straps hold printing plate against it.

4. Impression Cylinder:

It supplies pressure to plate cylinder so that printing image will be transferred to the substrate of the printing press.

5. Doctor Blade:

Nowadays it is made of polymer materials with variety of edges and fragments the anilox roll to confirm that ink amount available in the engraved cells only delivered. There is also availability of printing press uses doctor blade of steel material.

6. Printing Inks:
5 major types of inks are used in the flexo printing;

solvent based inks, electron beam curing inks, ultraviolet curing inks, chemically curing inks, water inks. It is controlled by the inking unit may be fountain roll unit or doctor blade sometime. Water based ink should be avoid if its size is below of 5 µm because it generates problems during recycle

Printing on a wide variety of substrate material with high speed makes billions of impression in the favor of flexo printing.

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