Label Printing

Variety of applications like supply chain management to lab marketing and labels packaging are used label printing techniques.

Label printing involves into the process to establish an interface with computer to print an image and drive as standalone devices.

A label printer is directly connected to the separate computer with built-in keyboard is called label maker. Label printer are use to print the label that label have some information about product. Label printer have Special feed mechanisms to handle tear sheet stock, or rolled stock that quality makes label printer is different from other printer.

Label printers are a category of printer in which printing is done with the help of inkjet technology and one of suitable and widely used method for luxurious life of UAE. Most of the agencies deal in the marketing and chain management system uses label printing in UAE on a broad level. The label printer is a special purpose of computer printer that use to print labels, card stock, rolled stock, tags and bar codes on self-adhesive labels and tear sheet stock.

Thermal printing a term of label printing is a digital printing process in which different type of materials and melting this material using heat. Both types of printers have same cost of consumables such as paper, print heads, coil and ribbons.

There are two common types of printing methods are used for label printing; Direct Thermal:

Thermal means heat and label printer uses heat to print barcodes, labels, graphics and texts by way of directly label forms and materials. Direct printer is best used to print short life time of monochromatic labels. Printouts of the label from direct thermal printing method are sensitive to extreme heat or light exposure.

Thermal Transfer:

Thermal transfer means heat transfer or printing process is complete to transfer the heat to required label printer to use of ribbon onto the label for a permanent print. This kind of printers produces high-density printouts and work on heat system to produce a quality purpose printing.

Thermal transfer printers deliver neat and clean printouts and offer a much longer shelf life as compared to direct thermal printer. Heart of the label printer operation is thermal printing.

Step wise process to print a Label:
• First, we have to design the required label using label maker software.
• Open required label with the help of application software. Many label printers use a sensor that detects a gap, notch, line or perforation between labels, to ensure registration of the print area with the target media. The print positions should be correct with the media when label printer allows adjusting the intake of label stock.
• Send this label in the label printing machine. There is a tendency for the print location to shift slightly from label to label, when printing on continuous label stock.
• Load the label and set the label, common connectivity for label printers include parallel, RS-232 serial, Ethernet, Universal Serial Bus (USB) and various kinds of wireless.
• Then print it in printing machine, the label format may come in different height, width and shape.

Furthermore different types of papers can be used such as standard, adhesive backed and sticker type.

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