Offset Printing

Offset printing refers to printing technique in which images directly don’t come in the contact of metal plates. Firstly image transfer into metal to rubber blanket after that image gets printed on paper. Offset printing also known as offset lithograph. It is used in producing high quality output on the surface like cloth or wood. Process of printing offset printing image is same for all small large and medium production. Offset printing services in UAE very common and use to term because of high volume paper printing in news paper press and other simulation techniques.

In offset printing production industry or companies uses two kind of technique for bulk printing; 

  • Sheet fed offset printing:   In this technique each and every sheet is nothing but a paper fed into machine individually.  And after that each paper will cut for final fine printing. Somewhat time consuming but most easy and reliable method it is.
  • Web offset printing:  In this technique roll of paper once inserted after and print image after that it will assembled. This process is used for bulk printing like regular news paper to save cost and time as well. 

Process of Offset Printing:

As like its name it works on the lithography printing process in which image portion and non-image area co-exist on the same plates. Just because of Chemical uses in this printing process surface we use for printing totally consider as flat surface.

In this printing image area is known as lithophytes because it accepts ink and non- printing area is known as hydrophilic because it uses water and oil.

Usually offset refers a printing technique in which image gets transfer from rubber blanket to the printing paper surface. But this process also can be used to print image on cardboard, plastic, photo paper or other material. The only thing have to care about printing surface should be flat for easy and quality based output.  

Offset printing components and units: 

  1. Sheet Control Unit:

In this mechanism printing sheet papers transfer into printing machine with the help of feeder section in which sheet picked up through paper pile.  Here stack of paper sheet is placed in pile table for the next process.


  1. Printing Unit:

Printing contains many printing unit from 1 to 10. Single printing unit contains single color printing only with only one side paper color.  If you want another side you just have to wait until ink gets dried. For more than one color you must need to in- place your printing press with more than one printing unit. That simple mean, one printing unit for one color multiple color want multiple printing unit.

  1. Inking Unit:

Reservoir is the system that holds ink in the offset printing technique. Offset has not fluid like ink but it contains thick paste ink need to be transfer from ink fountain to the printing plates or cylinder. 

  1. Dampening Unit:

Dampening system make sure for moisture to repel the ink done through water. This is the part of mom printing.

  1. Plate, blanket and impression cylinder:

Plate cylinder is large roll which is attached from printing plates.  While printing ink is transfers to a rubber blanket and provide full backing support to the printing papers.