Sticker Printing

Sticker can be a printed paper, plastic, vinyl, or other material with the sensitivity of clinging on one side. Sticker can be used for functional purposes or for decoration, depending on the situation. Colour and design of the stickers come in many different sizes and shapes. They are often adhered to items such as lunchboxes, paper, lockers, notebooks, walls, cars, windows, container, although most of the product which are available in market for sale adhered sticker. Sticker printing in UAE a widely used technique we can see from here to there not only in the mainland but free zone also.

Mostly use of sticker to recognised the product of the brand of particular company, which is used to describe the characteristics of the products.

Medium of the printing stickers are commonly printed on either paper or vinyl. Techniques of paper or vinyl sticker printing process are different. Opaque or transparent vinyl is use for permanent adhesive or peel able in sizes from a few millimetres diameter and with or without sequential numbering. Small size of image shows all types of printing effects, including photographs and spot colours.

A single sticker up to thousands of spot or full colour stickers are printed digitally in small runs. Single or double sided stickers are screen printed in Medium runs of spot colour. Full on colour of double sided window stickers facilities are available in sticker printing. Full colour or spot colour stickers are produced on high speed UV letter printing presses in long run. Price is affordable even for small and new businesses when we specialise in high quality industrial grade sticker and label printing on vinyl and paper.

Scope of the stickers and its printing:

Stickers are used as a classic promotional tool and available in almost all size of in a fame of popular and versatile medium for promoting micro, mini and large businesses in Dubai like mainland.

Stickers are popularly used as packaging for jars, water bottles, wine bottles, décor, gift tags, car bumper stickers, and more, suitable for both personal and business purposes.

We can print and cut stickers, labels, vehicle wraps, etc in any size or shape using the most up to date technology available. We can print onto high quality gloss and matt exterior grade, gold, silver or gloss transparent vinyl.

We use to make your stickers and labels are to the highest industry standard and are considered by print experts to be excellent from all the methods of sticker printing. Sticker made using different colour of inks and using various sticker printing methods, using different media of printing process will produce different colour result.

Colours may differ from those that are produced by our label and sticker printing methods, because usually sticker makers are not able to change colours in bitmaps.

Step wise process of sticker printing:

First thing we need to remember that we must have printable sticker paper, laminate sheet, lifter and scraper. We have an inkjet printer and the printable sticker in hand and make sure that the side to be printed is oriented correctly for sticker printing. If it’s ok then go with the steps given below;

• Place the sheet in the printer’s paper tray.
• Now, printing process is completed.
• We can cut various shapes on the same sheet to print multiple designs, or multiple cut out shapes within it with one design.
• How to attach the laminate sheet?
• Peel the cut-off section of backing from the laminate sheet.
• Overlay the cut-off section over the edge of the design and press them together.
• Using the scraper and working from the edge in press down on the entire surface of the laminate sheet.
• Place the sheet on a standard mat.
• Perform a cutting test and set the cut pressure.
• After cutting has completed, peel off the cut materials.

Point to be noted that design adjustment is prior to printing.
Time period or life expectancy of vinyl and inkjet printer sticker is minimum 5 years.