Vehicle Wrapping

A nation symbol of luxurious and branding life is UAE where you can promote and brand yourself very easily and that too with a simple way of show off. Yes, Vehicle wrapping is a technique most of the art lover prefer as well as it is used to boost the promotion of your business in a cost effective manner.

Vehicle wrapping is a process to print large sheet having quality design of branding company or product on vinyl to cover any vehicle for transforming its appearances. If you want to advertise your product or company then this wrapping vehicle is best way to advertise your business. It provides you cost effective and long lasting benefits also.

Why people go with Vehicle Wrapping in UAE? 1. Market your business and brand:

You can market your business via this method to wrap a vehicle and simply drive to promote your brand. It’s very easy and interesting way of visual and effective branding widely use in UAE like nation.

2. Cost saving and effective:

Vehicle wrapping process is very cheap and low budget by which you can modify your vehicle as per your design requirements and your business advertisement. You can advertise your business and product in a very cost effective manner.

3. Change your old vehicle with new:

If your old vehicle got marked with some scratches and you don’t want to replace your vehicle with new one than this is best option for you to wrap your old vehicle with some new trending design and once again you will feel your old vehicle looks like new one.

4. Show off your luxuries life:

UAE nationalist lives their life luxuries so they want some changes and they want to go with luxuries brand or product so for UAE people this is golden things to promote their cars etc with a new luxuries design.

5. Creativity lovers:

UAE people are creative lovers so they like vehicle with some latest trending design.

Process to wrap a vehicle:

Wrapping can be done on each and every vehicle either is it small or large like Van, Car, Truck and Coach even wrapping is also for train. If you want to apply on your vehicle you just have to contact with any of the good vehicle wrapping vendor in UAE. And they’ll wrap your vehicle with a trendy new design according to you. There are many companies in UAE which provide vehicle wrapping services with the good team of designer and painters. They provide you straightforward and solid both types of design and color combination according to the customer need. Most of the people prefer solid color wrapping which is long lasting up to 10 years minimum.

• For wrapping firstly design are created at 1/20th scale on the computer.
• Design show to the customer and ask for approval.
• After that it sends to the production proofing process like; size and color review.
• When all things are done it send to the printing house to print it on 3M vinyl and laminate properly.
• Before wrapping your vehicle must need to give a non-waxing wash to apply 3M vinyl properly on your vehicle.
• After wrap the laminate on your vehicle it must need to dry-out so keep it an indoor environment for 2-3 days.